Beginner git version control

This session was September 20, 2014 11:00am to 11:45am in !

This is a one-hour introductory training on Git during which you will set up Git locally, configure Git on your account, and learn how it works through the practical examples of getting set up to use Drupal 8 — and contribute back!

Ever made a mistake and wished for the power to turn back time? In this session you'll experience the magical world of version control, where you can:

  • try out massive code changes without worrying that you'll break your entire site,
  • have access to different versions of your code without saving tons of copies with elaborate naming schemes, and
  • collaborate with others without ever again having to utter the phrase, "Okay, I've finished working on styles.css, so you can go ahead and make your changes now."

This will be a play-along crash course on Git, the version control system that developers (and lots of other people) use to share code with one another and save themselves time and misery.

We'll start with fundamental commands, trying them out along the way. By the end of the session you'll have mastered a simple daily workflow that you'll be able to start using immediately. 


  • Why use version control?
  • Why use Git?
  • How to use Git repositories on
  • Fundamental commands
  • A simple daily workflow
  • How to turn back time when something goes wrong
  • How to use Git to experiment safely
  • How to see who did what when and review changes
  • Additional resources/Where to learn more
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