Keynote: Star Trek Voyager: A Model for a More Inclusive Community

Opening Remarks

DrupalCamp Fox Valley will kickoff with a brief introduction to the event with information regarding the venue and schedule.

Keynote by Fredric Mitchell

Star Trek Voyager: A Model for a More Inclusive Community

The greatest asset of open source software is the ability to fork and improve. When it comes to our community’s culture, could we be better? I know we can, and Star Trek: Voyager gives us our blueprint. I'll explore the principles surrounding Gene Rodenberry’s creation and how I learned about context and blind spots through a year long journey of building a great team. I'll show off some of the scientific studies I found, as well as research and mathematical models to prove the idea of diverse collective intelligence over individual intelligence within a group. We’ll explore the ground-breaking symbolism of characters like Captain Janeway, Lieutenant Tuvok and Seven of Nine.

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